It's All About Work

Organizing Your Company to Get Work Done

  • What is the right organizational structure for my company?
  • Are we organized to get work done efficiently AND effectively?
  • How do we empower our team members and still maintain adequate control?
  • What can we do to minimize conflict within the company?
  • How do we select the next generation of leaders?
  • How can we get today’s team members to be better leaders?



Are these questions that trouble you or lurk in the back of your mind?

As organizational design “architects,” the • Christopher R. Clement show in this eye-opening book how to attack these challenges from a sound theoretical base that is both practical and realistic. The Clements propose such a method by describing five simple principles around which every company should organize. With vivid and powerful stories, they explain these principles and demonstrate how you can put them into action in your company. These principles are audacious in their very simplicity because they focus on the art and science of getting work done. And getting work done efficiently and effectively is why organizations exist.



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    Until you understand the work, it’s almost impossible to have a well run organization. This book outlines a process for defining the work at every organizational layer.
    Neil Austrian, Chairman / CEO, Office Depot
  • It’s All About Work should be on every leader’s ‘must-read’ list. The best book on understanding the importance of Elliott Jaques’ work
    Fred Strader - Retired President and CEO Textron Systems
  • So many examples and explanations in the book resonate with my experience in organizations small and large. I was impressed how much the Clement’s have clarified the complex. I hesitate to say simplified because it is not, but it is in language that is understandable to someone coming to the issue cold
    Leigh Clifford - Chairman Qantas Airways
  • When I talk to companies and help them understand that their hierarchy is too flat, or they have elongated the chain of command to an excessive level of bureaucracy, I wish they had read this book
    Lois Melborne – Vice Chair PeopleFluent, Founder Aquire Software Solutions
  • The Clement’s bring powerful science to the critical issues of managerial leadership and human capability.
    Tom Foster – Author, Hiring Talent, President Foster Learning and Vistage Speaker