Consulting Services

The effectiveness of most organizations is undermined by various organizational pathologies, e.g., too many organizational layers; the lack of clear accountability and authority, dysfunctional working relationships and leadership and human capital shortcomings, etc. ODI has developed tools and methodology that diagnoses the health of an organization and provide quick hitting solutions to eliminate existing problems.


Organizational Structure


Do It Yourself Packages – aimed at today’s smaller business this series of workshops and executive coaching not only educates client teams on the principles but teaches them how to assess their organization, apply the principles and create recommendations and plans for restructuring your organization.

Full Scale Organizational Study - Our team comes in and explores the nature of work and all of the factors that get in the way of getting that work done efficiently and effectively. Our consultants gather data about work utilizing a variety of methods such as in-depth interviews, workshops, focus groups, and surveys. Our proven methodology then compares gathered data against a set of proven principles and industry best practice, allowing us to develop a set of follow-on recommendations to eliminate dysfunctional organizational challenges.


Human Capital

Our philosophy in assessing talent is that it is far more successful when done by actual managers rather than external consultants, HR, specialists or psychometric testing. In our experience, both in research and real word application, we have found that the mangers have a far better track record in predicting future work / career success then other methods. Our team stands ready to help your organization build a talent pool management built upon your team’s assessments. We will train your managers in the assessment process, demonstrate the use of the tools and be available for executive coaching and guidance of this very important process.

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